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about us.

Luke Conner is the main face of Hickory Bow Oxen.

He's been working with oxen since the age of 5 in a multitude of ways with

over 17 years of experience as an animal wrangler and stuntman for the film industry

and various projects under his belt including major productions like Emancipation (2022), Harriett (2019), Mercy Street (2016-2017), Turn : Washington's Spies (2014-2017),

Lincoln (2012), John Adams (2006), and many more.

We provide a variety to the film industry with animals like oxen, horses, goats, chickens, and more. We also have a vast selection of antique farm vehicles and props for rent.

We also love to provide our services for weddings, fairs, demonstrations, etc.

We are based in central Virginia and willing to travel.

Contact us with any inquiries and scroll down for examples of what we have to offer.



a little bio about our current teams,
although we can provide much more than what you see here
inquire for additional animals and details about skills, pricing, and availability

Beau & Sam

our ten year old pair of brown swiss are
well seasoned in the workforce be it various films, county fairs, weddings, etc.

they have been our go-to team for many years and are arguably the most loved members of our farm.

Waylon & Willie

our newest team is a 2 year old pair of
shorthorn x hereford and they are probably the most adorable members of our farm.

they have lots of experience with the public and are currently building their film and event resumés. 



a selection of our antique farm vehicle collection
inquire for additional pictures and information about measurements, customization, pricing, and availability



as a husband and wife team we also create some pretty cool stuff (including this website) come check us out at Ox Cart Farm

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